Seven Steps to Save the Ocean – Environmental art in the Wildlife Park from 24th June

Ranua Wildlife Park will get a new year-round attraction June 24th 2018, when the opening of Seven Steps to save the Ocean is celebrated. Seven Steps to Save the Ocean, by artist / architect Maija Kovari, is an interactive artwork encouraging the audience to do small everyday acts to fight climate change.

The work is located in the middle of the park on a tor that used to be an ancient sea shore, thousands of years ago. The audience can walk through the artwork along a wooden walking bridge. Seven Steps to Save the Ocean changes with the seasons. It is a different experience in the summer and in the winter when the snow covers the ground.

Trained both as an architect and visual artist, Maija Kovari works in the fields of urban planning and contemporary art. As an architect she concentrates in planning and urban design. The guiding light of Seven Steps to Save the Ocean is the thought of choice. Over despair and apathy, one can choose hope, and in one’s everyday actions make choices that have a positive impact on future generations.

More about the artwork and the artist
You can follow the process of making Seven Steps to Save the Ocean on Facebook and Instagram @maijakovari