Name for the Pallas’ cat at the Ranua Wildlife Park

The Pallas’ Cat (manul), arrived to the Ranua Wildlife Park in June, has finally gotten its favourite name. Over 4 861 name suggestions arrived for the competition.

As expected, the most favourite name suggestion was Manu. The name was proposed 536 times, most obviously in honour of the former president of Finland, Mauno Koivisto, as Manu, was his nick-name.

The manul’s outer appearance, with its long, dense fur, inspired many a person suggesting names. The most favourite were Örmy, Mörri, Yrmy, Rölli and Mörkö.

Finally, the name selected for the Pallas’ cat, was Mortti, as, according to the animal attendants, the name describes awfully well the male cat -like character of the manul. The requirements for the name were that it would be short and pithy, starting with the letter m. The name Mortti was suggested 5 times, and therefore, we cast lots for the main prize. Taru Kivinen from Pori won the main prize. Taru Kivinen, with her family, will have the chance to come and stay overnight at the new Arctic Fox glass-igloos at the Ranua Wildlife Park, at the same time, also visiting the park and seeing the daily life of the polar bear family. Other people suggesting the winner name will be remembered with family gift-cards of the Wildlife Park.

In honour of the new name, Mortti-manul will offer Sisu -polar bear chocolates for the first one hundred visitors at the Ranua Wildlife Park on Saturday.