Summer activities

Animal feeding shows

Feeding shows bring an interesting addition to your Park visit. While animals being fed come to the feeding place, you can observe the characteristics of the species in question as well as see the personal differences between the individuals. During the feeding show the animal attendant answers your possible questions; it may even happen that some lucky one gets a chance to feed an animal, under the supervision of the animal attendant. The feeding shows are included with the Wildlife Park entrance ticket.

Feeding shows daily 1.6.–31.8.

  • Bears and polar bears at 12.30–12.45
  • Predators at 14.00–14.15 (lynx, wolverine, dhole or wolf varies from day to day)
  • Domestic Animal Park animals at 14.30–15.00
  • Common otters at 16.40–17.00

Domestic Animal Park

You can meet common farm animals from the beginning of June until end of August at the Domestic Animal Park. The horses, cows and pigs, unlike the animals at the Wildlife Park, come close enough for you to pet them. For many a small or even bigger visitor, petting an easy-going pig is an unforgettable experience.

The Domestic Animal Park is open from 1.6.–31.8. in accordance to the Wildlife Park opening hours. Visiting the Domestic Animal Park is included in the Wildlife Park entrance ticket.

Micro car track

Both preschoolers and school-age children, under the supervision of parents, can try their racing skills at the wheel of a miniature formula car on the micro car track. Only three micro cars are allowed on the track simultaneously. The micro car track is open from 1.6 – 4.8., in June and August at 12–16 and in July at 12–17.