Outdoor equipment for a wintry visit

It is worthwhile to dress warmly for your visit at the Wildlife Park. The Wildlife Safaris offers warm outdoor clothing for visitors. Touring the Park and watching the animals in the snowy nature, in often freezing cold temperatures, becomes more pleasurable when dressed properly. The clothing repertoire is thoroughly selected, and suitable for the purpose. The clothes are uniform in appearance, from children’s sizes to the largest adult sizes.

For the winter, we recommend you to wear the following own clothing for your Park tour:
Underwear: thermal underwear
Socks: own socks (under the woollen socks)
Trousers: loose trousers
Shirt: loose with a long collar
Top shirt: wool or fleece

The Wildlife Safaris’ outdoor equipment includes:
1. Woollen socks
2. Shoes
3. Scarf
4. Snowmobile jump suit
5. Helmet cap
6. Mittens