Get acquainted with the huskies!

While visiting the Wildlife Park in the winter, you also have the chance of seeing the hard-running cheerily barking husky-dogs. The Wild Arctic Husky Park, open in the winter, locates just a few hundred meters away from the Wildlife Park entrance. On a guided tour you can pet the dogs, at the same time learning interesting facts about their life. At the end of the tour you can take a picture of yourself with the dogs, with beautiful Northern Lights as your background.

Speedy rides with the huskies are also available – either short rides, or longer safaris. The short ride takes place at the Park’s own illuminated nature trail, right close to the Wildlife Park entrance. The longer safaris with a team of dogs start right close to the Park. The husky safaris are organised by Ranua’s own husky-ride entrepreneur, Lionel Clauser, fluent in many languages: Finnish, English, French and German.

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