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There are about 50 different wild animal species and 200 different individuals at the Ranua Wildlife Park. All the animals live within spacious fencing along the 2,8 km Park trail in the middle of the surrounding forest wilderness. In the summer you can visit  the Domestic Animal Park.

Most of the trail is built on wooden footbridges and duckboards, and is easy to travel providing an unhampered view into the animal fencings. In the winter you may like to have a sled to help travelling with the children, in the summer pushchairs are available. Pushchairs are for rent at the ticket office and the sleds are free of cost. The Ranua Wildlife Park aims for multi-sensory experiences: with the help of the audio guide and the experience checkpoints along the trail you will use all your senses while exploring the Park.

Please note that between Mid-November and Mid-January we recommend to enter to the zoo before 2 pm so that you can see the animals when there is still daylight left.  We don’t have lights inside the park since we want to keep the environment as natural as possible for the animals.

At the open fire stops and lean-tos along the trail you can enjoy your own snacks and sandwiches.

Download the Wildlife Park map here.

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