Guiding and adventures

Booking an expert guide will make your Wildlife Park visit even more rewarding: the guide will tell you detailed information about the animals and their personalities as well as answer your questions about their living habits and about the arctic nature. With the guide you also get to admire some of the animals at close hand, as the feeding show is always included in the guided tour.

  • Guiding in English 98,00 €
  • Guiding in Spanish 98,00 €
  • Guiding in Finnish 80,00 €

Bookings: the Wildlife Park ticket office, tel. +358 40 5177 436 or ranuawildlife(at) Book guiding before your arrival.

Audio tour

The Ranua Wildlife Park audio tour is an informative tour downloaded to an MP3 player. The tour contains audio clips of the animals at the Park. You can rent the MP3 player at the ticket office. In addition to the MP3 audio tour, the visitors are provided with instructions and a park map with markings to the corresponding numbered audio clips. With the number you will find the correct audio clip. The audio clip provides information on the animal species you are looking at right at the moment. The audio tour is available in English, Russian, Swedish, Hebrew and Finnish.

Program services for your wilder visit

Would you like to look into the gleaming eyes of animals in the wintry darkness with a head lamp on your forehead, or feed the arctic foxes together with an animal attendant? Wildlife Safaris offers unforgettable moments at the Wildlife Park. Inquiries and reservations: tel. +358 40 556 3555 or


Midnight Sun Safari

Many animals at the Wildlife Park are night-active. The Midnight Sun Safari takes you to a guided tour in the otherwise closed Wildlife Park: only the wild animals, you with the group and the guide are present. In the light night of the Midnight Sun of Lapland you can easily detect the animals. The guide will tell you interesting facts about the animals and their life. Feeding of the animals, under the supervision of the guide, is included on the program.

After the tour you will relax by the open fire, grilling sausages and enjoying the traditional coffee prepared on fire.

Period: from May – August

Additional information and reservations Wildlife Safaris Tel. +358 40-556 3555, E-mail:


Wild Night Safari

Great many of the animals at the Wildlife Park are night-active; the wintry darkness in the forest brings an additional excitement to the Wild Night Safari. From the Holiday Village Gulo Gulo reception we head towards the Wildlife Park in deep winter darkness, warmly dressed in appropriate winter gear. With head lamps on our forehead we try to spot the animals, looking into their gleaming eyes in the darkness. The guided tour includes the feeding of the animals. After the tour, we relax in the Lappish hut, enjoying hot berry-juice and talking of the tour.

Period: from September – April

Additional information and reservations Wildlife Safaris Tel. +358 40-556 3555, E-mail:


Meet the Polar bear and Arctic fox

You will meet the guide at the Holiday Village Gulo Gulo reception; in just five minutes the guide will take you in front of the polar bears enclosure. You will not be allowed, of course, to go into the polar bear’s nesting area, but you will have a chance to safely greet the largest predator in the whole world from the other side of the fence, just a couple of metres away. The guide will give the polar bears their daily food and tell you interesting facts about the White King of the Arctic – and of the Wildlife Park.

Minimum participants: 2 persons

Additional information and reservations Wildlife Safaris Tel. +358 40-556 3555, E-mail:

Wildlife Safaris operates adventures in the wilderness around Ranua throughout the year. See the programmes here!