Restaurant Restrictions & Entering to Finland

Restaurant Restrictions

As from Tuesday 28 December, the use of the COVID-19 passport will not exempt food and beverage service businesses from the restrictions, as has been the case so far. Serving of alcoholic beverages in all food and beverage service businesses will end at 17.00. The alcoholic beverages will be collected away at 18.00.

Restaurants that mainly serve food may, however, remain open until 20.00, provided that the customers are required to present the COVID-19 passport. All restaurants are restricted to 75% of their normal number of customer seats indoors. All the customers must have a seating place.

The restrictions on the use of the COVID-19 passport will be in force until 20 January 2022.

Health checks for people entering the country in Rovaniemi

The approved Entry Conditions to Finland for travelers arriving from outside the EU and Schengen area as of 21st December 2021

1. As a permit to entry a proof of valid full vaccination against COVID-19 prior the arrival AND

2. In addition to a proof of valid full vaccination against COVID-19, the incoming travelers are required to present a negative covid-19 test results no older than 48 hours.

The Covid-19 test certificate must state the name and date of birth of the traveler, the date of the test, the diagnostic method used for testing (PCR or antigen), the time of sampling and a signature by the issuing laboratory, test facility or authority.

Adaptation guide: The Covid-19 test taken at home is valid when it is checked, approved and signed by a laboratory, test institute or authority.

The decision is based on section 16 g of the Infectious Diseases Act and the guidelines given by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on 20th of December 2021. In addition to these, the health authorities will conduct random checks that include testing at airports and borders