Short-eared owl


The short-eared owl breeds all over the globe, except Australia and the Antarctica. It can be found throughout Finland. According to its Finnish name (direct translation) - swamp owl - the short-eared owl prefers swamps, meadows and wide grasslands as habitats, preying mainly on rodents. The short-eared owl nests in a shallow hole in the ground, hidden by twigs or tufts of sedge. During the nesting season the night-active short-eared owl is active also during the day.


Like our other owls, the short-eared owl is a protected species by law.


Short-eared owls migrate to Central and South Europe for winter grounds.

Short-eared owl

Asio flammeus




SIZE: Weight: 250-400g, wingspan: 95-110cm, females larger than males.

BREEDING: The female lays 4-6 eggs in May-June, incubation period: 24-29 days and nights.

LIFESPAN: According to ringing data, the oldest short-eared owl has lived to 14 years of age.

Did you know that the short-eared owl is a master in masking? Due to its colouring it hides well in swamp areas. It can also change its body position in order to better adapt to its surroundings; in a minute it can transform from a rounded feathery-faced ball into a long and thin creature, like a trunk of a tree.