You can see the only polar bears living in Finland, as well as 50 other arctic and northern animal species, in all and all 200 individuals, at the Ranua Wildlife Park. The animals live in spacious fencings in the midst of northern wide forests, in their as authentic natural environment as possible.

Our animals live in naturalistic, large enclosures. These enclosures provide them suitable places to rest, hide and nest, as well as places for feeding, moving around and to interact socially according to needs of the species. Most of our animals dont have indoor holding areas since they are habituated to live outdoors all year around also during a real winter. Sometimes animals want to have privacy and rest or just observe their surroundings without people seeing them – and they need to be able to do this. Still, if you are patient, you can often spot the owl hiding in a tree between branches or a wolverine peking you from it´s shelter – and if the enclosure seems silent now, it is often a good idea to come back a bit later!

Brown bears are having their winter sleep and there fore not visible to visitors. Crane, short-eared owls and honey buzzards that are better adapted to warmer climate are indoors and cannot be seen in the wither time.