Holiday Village Gulo Gulo

Gulo Gulo has holiday apartments in semi-detached houses. Each apartment is stylishly furnished, with a fireplace, sauna and kitchen with all modern conveniences, and of course a terrace with a forest view. The two apartments in any villa can be combined to form a single holiday accommodation that sleeps 12. In the grounds there is a lean-to where guests can sit by an open fire and listen to the sounds of animals.
Nearby RanuaZoo offers unforgettable experiences such as encountering a polar bear in the morning before opening hours. Guests of the Holiday Village are granted access to the Wildlife Park for a single fee for the duration of their stay. Husky rides, reindeer rides, snowshoe treks and snowmobiles are available in the Holiday Village itself.

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Reservations and inquiries tel. + 358 40 5563 555.
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