The Ranua Wildlife Park is the most popular family vacation destination in Lapland and the greatest tourist attraction in Ranua. The Wildlife Park has developed into a fine complex of excellent accommodation and other program services. In the winter the Wildlife Park is favoured mostly by foreign tourist groups, in the summer the majority of our visitors are domestic family vacationers.

The Ranua Wildlife Park specialises in arctic and northern animals and participates actively in endangered species protection work. Our animal attendants are thoroughly trained in caring for these particular animal species, and will gladly answer your questions regarding the animals. We have a thorough Image Bank of our animals, completing it constantly with photos taken along the year. Photos can be used for Ranua Wildlife Park related news upon request.

Several media productions and TV-ads have been produced on the Wildlife Park premises in natural surroundings. In addition to the animals of the Park, the snow and ice-constructions in the winter are popular targets for production companies. In all the proceedings of any type of production, the well-being of the animals is primary, and they are never disturbed unnecessarily.

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Johanna Koivunen
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Marketing Manager

Heini Lumijärvi
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