In memoriam male Polar bear Manasse

The white giant is gone

The male polar bear Manasse at the Ranua Wildlife Park had to be finished off due to old age ailments and the illness that started during the summer. By the end of this year Manasse would have reached the highly respectable age for a male polar bear, namely 28 years. The maximum age male polar bears can reach in Wildlife Park conditions is 30 years, as that of female polar bears can be even 40 years.

In the course of last summer Manasse started having stomach ailments and not even the best of medication could ease up the ensuing diarrhoea. In addition Manasse’s moving about has been difficult and the big polar bear has been mainly resting. By the end of the summer Manasse didn’t even for once visit the swimming-pool, though everyone knew him enjoying swimming tremendously. It is always the animal’s owner’s responsibility to look after its animal’s well-being. In case the animal no longer is capable of living a life characteristic to its species and its quality of living decreases significantly, the owner has to make a decision of finishing the animal off painlessly.  Manasse’s care-takers, animal attendants and the whole personnel at the Ranua Wildlife Park will miss the white giant tremendously. However, knowing that Manasse is no longer suffering is consoling. Pathological investigations, in due time, will bring additional information in regards to Manasse’s illness.

The polar bears at the Ranua Wildlife Park are part of the European Endangered Species Protection Programme and Manasse’s genotype will continue in his sons Ranzo, and the yet-to be-named nine month old cub. Two polar bears, at the moment, are living at the Ranua Wildlife Park: the fourteen year old female polar bear Venus and her cub, expecting to be named. The polar bear cub naming competition ends August 31, and the name will be published September 4.