Snow and ice constructions

Every year the personnel at the Ranua Wildlife Park build snow- and ice-constructions. Well-known Lappish sculptors create ice-sculptures for the show. In the winter, while touring the Wildlife Park, you can pop into the Ice Restaurant along the walking trail. The height of the Ice Restaurant is about 5 metres, that of the diameter being 8 metres. The temperature inside the Ice Restaurant stays at the level of merely a few degrees minus Celsius, even though it would drop to freezing cold outside.

At the Holiday Village Gulo Gulo, you find the snowy playground for children and for anyone with the playful spirit of a child. Snow slides, gigantic igloos and ice sculptures are sure to delight the adults as well. Remember to take your camera with you!

Snow- and ice constructions are open according to the Wildlife Park opening hours, from 10 am – 4 pm.