Common buzzard


The common buzzard is a bird of prey largest in number in all of Europe. In Finland you can find common buzzards from the southern and central parts of the country all the way up to the southern parts of Lapland.

The common buzzard prefers mixed forest woodlands, usually on the fringes, but may hunt over open areas also. The common buzzard feeds mainly on small rodents, but eats also little birds, frogs, insects etc. It builds its nest on a large conifer or a broad-leaved tree, at approximately the height of 25 metres. The common buzzard builds several nests, and uses each in different years.


The common buzzard is a protected species in Finland.


The common buzzard’s main prey, rodents, hides under the snow in the winter. For the bird of prey using its eyesight for hunting, the rodents become close to unreachable. A great majority of the common buzzards, therefore, migrate to the south for the winter. Some of the common Buzzards in Finland remain in Central or Western Europe; some migrate all the way to Africa.

Common buzzard

Buteo buteo




SIZE: 500-1250 g, wingspan: 115-130 cm, females larger than males.

BREEDING: Female lays 2-3 eggs in April-May, incubation period 33-38 days and nights.

LIFESPAN: According to ringing data, the oldest common buzzard has lived to 26 years of age.

Did you know that the common buzzard has a counterpart species living in the North of Lapland, namely the rough-legged buzzard? Counterpart species indicates closely related animal species or -subspecies living in similar habitat, yet in different parts geographically.